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A whale breaching in the great bear sea.

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The Great Bear Sea covers over 100,000 square kilometres of ocean waters, which historically have teemed with a wide variety of marine species. From herring to salmon to geoduck clams, the Great Bear Sea has been the economic engine and food chain for coastal communities for thousands of years.

However, the Great Bear Sea faces a number of threats. Industrial pollution, bottom dragging, poaching, and overfishing by corporate-owned fishing fleets have taken a toll. While in the past, species thrived and fish populations were strong and healthy, this is no longer the case. In fact, more than 30 species, including salmon, herring, yelloweye rockfish, and glass sponge reefs, are listed as species at risk.

These threats have upset the ecosystem balance in the Great Bear Sea and negatively impacted the livelihood of people up and down our coast.

Establishing the Great Bear Sea Marine Protected Area Network will help rebuild depleted fish stocks and create sustainable fisheries, so that our coast remains an economic engine for our children and grandchildren.